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These weapons are generally used for hunting small animals, pest control around the house or yard, plinking (recreational shooting to release stress) and even in competitive sports (such as the Olympics 10 M Air Rifle and Air Pistol events). As the use of any type of airgun can be potentially dangerous, it is important to learn about gun safety tips.

Pellet guns are relatively safer than normal guns is because they do not need gunpowder to operate. This considerably reduces bullet velocity. All they need is compressed air which is used to launch the bullet out of the barrel. These airsoft guns are used widely for recreation as well as for controlling small varmin. We will find you the exact gun you need at the lowest prices for airguns online.

Pellet Style Guns for Pest Killing & Small Game Hunting

These bb guns and pellet guns come with various kinds of mechanisms that make them fire as well. Different kinds of air guns include those that have a spring piston, gas spring, pneumatic and CO2. Spring Piston guns are quite powerful and are able to achieve high bullet velocity (almost the speed of sound). Cocking the pellet gun to make it fire, however, might involve some difficulty as you really need to put in a lot of effort, especially if the airsoft gun fires at a higher velocity.

BB guns operate by a spring enabled piston that is in a chamber that is separate from the barrel. Cocking the gun causes the spring to compress until a small hook is activated that engages the sear. On trigger release, the sear is released as well which pushes the piston, shooting compressed air at the ammunition. With all the intricate pieces that make up any type of air gun, it is vital to ensure smooth operation and longevity of your weapon, you learn how to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance.

What Are Gas Airsoft Type Guns?

Gas airsoft guns are like spring piston guns, but with gas in them instead of a spring. There is a pressure chamber in this gun as well, which is filled with compressed gas. Once cocked, the gas compresses even more, acting like a spring and going through the same mechanics as the spring piston pellet guns to release the pellets.

Popular gas spring bb guns include the likes of the Weirauch HW80, Crosman 766C and the Arowsmith 876 Magnum. Pneumatic air pellet guns also use pre-compressed gas or air as a spring mechanism. The design here minimizes the amount of mechanical movements that are needed to launch the projectile.

There many types of smaller types of air pistols that use gas, including the one made famous by James Bond – The Walther Pistol. The likeness to real pistols can be quite disconcerting such is the similarity to the real deal. As with any type of gun, whether it uses bb’s or live ammunition, the utmost care should be taken when using them.

>> It is strongly advised to take the greatest care when firing an air rifle for hunting pests and varmin. Respect what you are doing and be sure to make a quick kill, even though it is for nuisance pests around the house.  If you are using 22 caliber bb guns, with a high muzzle velocity (800 ft/sec or above) it should result in an efficient and clean kill on every occasion that you aim accurately.

Top Rated Hunting Pellet Weapons

Evanix AR 6 Pellet Guns
Evanix Hunting Master AR 6
(.22 caliber)
On Sale!  $715.00

Recommended for:  medium-sized game hunting, pest killing.

Specs:  precharged pneumatic pellet gun; 6-shot repeater (revolver); single and double-action trigger; 4-16X56mm scope included.

Power rating:  Very High (1315 ft/sec muzzle velocity in .22 caliber version, using single-action mode).

Shinsung Career Infinity Pellet Guns
Shinsung Career Infinity Air Rifle
(.22 caliber)
On Sale!  $579.00

Recommended for:  small & medium-sized game hunting, pest killing, precharged pneumatic pellet guns; 6-shot repeater

Specs:   (revolver); side lever cocking.

Power rating:  Very High (1220 ft/sec muzzle velocity in .22 caliber version).

Diana RWS 48 Pellet Guns
Diana RWS Model 48 Air Rifle
(.22 caliber)

On Sale!  $365.85

Recommended for:  target shooting, small pest killing.

Specs:  single shot pellet guns; side lever cocking; spring-piston power plant.

Power rating:  High (900 ft/sec muzzle velocity in .22 caliber version).

RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle Guns
Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle
(.22 caliber)
On Sale!  $215.99

Recommended for:  small game hunting, pest killing, plinking.

Specs:   spring-piston power plant, break barrel cocking, single shot pellet guns; .

Power rating:  Medium-High (800 ft/sec muzzle velocity in .22 caliber version).